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Photographing Snowflakes

As a photographer, I took up a mini-project of capturing and studying the beauty of snowflakes up close with a macro lens. I think you'll find this interesting too!

When I was a kid, I saw depictions of snowflakes in my textbook and often dismissed them for all being the same. After a short wait for a snowy day in Bozeman, I realize now that each snowflake is a unique, intricate masterpiece, formed by the natural multi-physics processes of phase change, thermodynamics, and crystal growth. No two naturally occurring snowflakes are exactly alike, making them a fascinating study of complexities in fractals, mathematics, and inorganic patterns.

I documented 6-sided and 12-sided snowflakes. More interestingly, I found some imperfect 5-sided ones that had lost one of their arms.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend taking a moment to observe snowflakes up close. You might just be surprised by what you see.

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